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Our Services

Providing Top Quality Drone Photography and Videography for all occasions. 

Weddings and Events

We'll do everything we can to get you that awesome footage of your SPECIAL DAY. Everyone loves drone shots as they look up to the sky, smile and wave as we showcase just how unforgettable your day was. Lots of people can take photos on the ground but not everyone can go ABOVE and BEYOND to capture events from a bird's eye view. This footage is often used as a memento for years to come to remember the day. It's also used to show family and friends who weren't able to make it on the day. Post it on your social media, sit back and watch the 'likes' come rolling in. 

drone wedding photo

Adventure, Explore and Nature

Being based in Devon and close to the Cornwall border, we're a stones throw from some of the UKs best beaches. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Bodmin Moor and beyond. We absolutely love getting out and about to explore what the beautiful south west has to offer. If your club, society, school, group or business are doing a challenge or event in the great outdoors then ask us to film it for you.


As they say it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. If you and others are planning something epic and amazing, then why not remember it forever with some phenomenal footage from ABOVE and BEYOND. If there are hills or mountains, lakes, rivers or the sea close by then it's sure to be spectacular and beautiful if viewed from the air.

Perhaps you're running the event and you want to advertise it, need to get more people to sign up, we're here to help you. We've got loads of great ideas and so have you, let us capture it in stunning 4k imagery just for you.

When you've completed your challenging day, sit back, feet up with a cold beer or glass of wine and enjoy the satisfaction of watching what you've just enjoyed.


Call, email or message us with your ideas and questions. Taking bookings all over the south west.

Corporate and Construction

Looking to get ahead of the rest or build on recent successes then we can help. Whether you're looking for a corporate photoshoot or to video showcase a new build or construction then choose to go Above and Beyond. 

A picture paints a thousand words and our photography and videography is no different. Don't just say it but show it and demonstrate it. We can help you showcase your team, festival, events, ideas and products to potential customers all over. Let us film the footage for you then use it to promote and advertise your brand to the world.

Make your business stand out from the crowd. Don't be like the rest, be the best!


If you're interested have an idea or questions, then just get in touch today for a chat or ask for a free quote. We genuinely enjoy helping you promote your ideas.

drone site survey
drone roof survey devon

Residential and Roof Inspections

Our many customers include, construction sites, estate agents, landlords, farmers, surveyors and private buyers and sellers. If you'd like to view a property or site from above then by drone is a very cost effective way of doing this. No need for costly scaffolding or ladders, allow us to give you those close up shots of your home, roof, chimney, guttering or more.

Selling or renting a property - allow us to help you showcase this to potential buyers and watch the asking price go up.

Buying a property - let us save you any worries by showing you what everything up high and out of your sight looks like?

Indoor and Outdoor Sports 

As a former PE teacher, sports coach in multiple sports and still a keen sportsman and lover of activities and the great outdoors, I love to film all activities whether indoors or outdoors. If your chosen sports are on land, sea or snow we've got you covered for those awesome sporting shots. Not only will you view your sporting arena from a different perspective but you'll be able to say, "thats me" or "I was there". Print the footage onto a canvas, calendar or printed photo and relive your success for a lifetime.

drone sports activities photos
drone watersports sup surf kayak photo


Having worked for an active holiday company abroad as an activities manager in Greece, Turkey and Croatia, I love to spend time on the water inside and outside of my work. Whether it be on ocean, sea, estuary, river, canal or lake we'll get alongside or above you to show the world just how cool you look. Some of our most fun shoots are next to and above water with some epic fails, falls and capsizes. It's bound to make you laugh and smile.

Surfing or sailing, wakeboarding or water skiing (by boat or cable), kayaking or canoeing (at sea or on a river), SUP, foil or something else we're willing to spend time on the water with you. Our videos and photos look extraordinary whenever we're anywhere near water, we hope you agree.

Hotels and Tourism Promotion

Having worked in hotels and tourism all over Europe and the world, I absolutely love to capture stunning settings, sunsets, locations and all of the fabulous facilities that your business or local area has to offer. Nothing showcases this quite as well as a drone from above and beyond. Give potential customers and future visitors those 'can't wait for my holiday' feelings with some fun, exciting, enticing promotional footage for your hotel, resort, campsite or surrounding area.

Surely guaranteed to increase bookings and sales, show your potential customers what they have to look forward to. You'll be fully booked in no time.


Snow Sports Action

Having completed thirteen ski seasons spread over Italy, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Andorra and Switzerland, I absolutely love the Alps and Pyrenees. during the winter at some point, the mountains will call and I must go!

Whether you're skiing, snowboarding, hiking or a professional après skiier! nothing looks better than brilliant white snowy mountain ranges on a blue-sky day.  Allow me to showcase your day or holiday whether you're on piste, off piste, in the snow park, backcountry or back in the bar!

All levels and abilities can be catered for. Perhaps you're a beginner, improver, intermediate, advanced, expert or pro. I'm happy to ski with you and film whilst you fly or fall (either is honestly fine!)

Our 360 sports action camera is seriously awesome for capturing you and the surroundings like nothing else.

We can use invisible selfie sticks up to 10 foot in length as well as a drone where permitted to provide a showreel of just how super fun your day and week really was.

Obviously filming abroad will require considerable planning so do get in touch in advance.

Leisure and Activities Promotion

With plenty of experience working in leisure and activities, we know what it takes to help increase your sales. Not only will our footage improve your website but also your social media presence, image and following. Our aerial footage can showcase your site in all of its size and glory like nothing else. Up close or at heights up to 400 feet away we're able to display your features and benefits for all to see. Using our awesome 360 action sports camera also means that we can get up close, inside or ride on your best activities and attractions giving your customers that POV that other cameras can't capture. It's a no brainer. Go Above and Beyond for excellent shots.

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